HireWire fully supports schools and local authorities working with advertising agencies.

HireWire for agencies

HireWire is a flexible service that has been designed to facilitate schools, colleges, universities and local authorities with their recruitment process and fully supports those who are working with advertising agencies.

When a client sets up a HireWire account their agency account manager is notified. Once a vacancy has been set up on the system the details are then released to the agency for the creation of an advert. The agency then ensures the client's microsite link is included on the advert to direct candidates when applying.

Reporting enables the agency and the school to make better spend decisions on advertising platforms ensuring the best responses are generated for the adverts.

The service is working closely with a large number of agencies nationwide to ensure that education institutions are getting the best out of their recruitment spend.

If you are an advertising agency and would like to find out more about how you could work with HireWire, our support team is available, please call 020 3194 3194 or email us .

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