Used by thousands of education institutions to help find the right people, HireWire simplifies the application 
process and speeds up response.

HireWire for job seekers

Frequently asked questions

How do I use HireWire?

You access HireWire when you apply for jobs via any advertisement in any media or by logging in on the homepage.

How do I get a login?

Once you have clicked the button to apply for a job online you will be taken to a vacancy microsite which provides details about the vacancy and establishment. You then need to create an account login before you continue to complete the application. This enables you to return to your application at any time before the closing date.

What happens to the information in my application?

TES Global is committed to providing not only a safe, secure web environment and experience, but also to upholding and protecting your privacy.

Once you have completed an application, the information is only forwarded to the recruiting institution. TES Global will never reveal, share or forward your information to any other third party.

As we are registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 with the Information Commissioners Office in the United Kingdom, we provide a regulated level of assurance that your rights are safeguarded by the requirements and practices laid by the Act and the ICO.

How will HireWire help me?

As a candidate using HireWire you can create and manage multiple applications from one single source. Applying via HireWire is also quicker and more secure. If you apply for a job on the TES website you will find the process so easy. We’ve created a new ‘My Jobs’ page which gives you the tools you need to manage your applications and job alerts. It’s a one-stop-shop for your job hunt.