HireWire can help local authorities to support their schools in finding the best people whilst providing better knowledge of recruitment in their area.

HireWire for local authorities

Frequently asked questions

How can I find out how many schools in my area are using it?

It is likely that many schools in your authority are benefiting from HireWire to manage their recruitment. To find out how, login to your HireWire LA account or call the customer service team on 020 3194 3194.

Are there any hidden costs for training and support?

No, all training and ongoing support is completely free-of-charge and available for an unlimited number of users at any time. Our dedicated activation and support teams are available between 8:30am and 5:30pm Monday to Friday on 020 3194 3194 or contact@teshirewire.com.

Can we use our own application form?

Yes, you can either upload your own application form via your HireWire LA account which will be accessible to all your schools. Alternatively, HireWire provides online application forms for both teaching and support roles.

Can I use it if I'm not advertising with TES?

Yes, you can use the service to advertise in ANY media of your choice. The service then provides you with a spend analysis based on the responses you get from the media you use, so you can see where your money is best spent.

Can I advertise support staff roles?

Yes, HireWire can be used to advertise any role within a school - from teaching assistants to head teachers to receptionists. It can also manage contract, maternity, part time and full time roles.