HireWire has been designed to improve the recruitment process for schools - helping to find the right people for the job quickly and efficiently.

HireWire for schools

Frequently asked questions

How do I get onboard?

Getting a HireWire account is very quick and easy. Just call our activation team on 020 3194 3194 and they will either activate you there and then over the phone or book a convenient time to call you back. It takes no longer than 30 minutes on average and you can login and start using the service straight away.

What are the minimum technical requirements?

The only requirement is that you have an internet connection. No license is required.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. There are absolutely no charges for HireWire. You do not need to buy a license, all training and support is free and you do not need to buy any IT infrastructure to run the service.

Can I use it if I'm not advertising with TES?

Yes, you can use the service to advertise in ANY media of your choice. The service then provides you with a spend analysis based on the responses you get from the media you use, so you can see where your money is best spent.

Can I advertise support staff roles?

Yes, HireWire can be used to advertise any type of role within the school - from teaching assistants to head teachers to receptionists. It can also manage contract, maternity, part time and full time roles.

Can I use HireWire if I place ads through an advertising agency or my local authority?

Yes, HireWire fully supports schools using advertising agencies or putting ads through their local authority. The service is built to work with existing workflows and does not compromise agency relationships or processes.

Will I have to change my current processes?

No, HireWire has been designed to suit your current workflows and processes and is built around on our extensive knowledge and experience of school recruitment. It has been developed to make the process easier for schools, not harder.

Can I use my own application form?

Yes, you can either upload your school application form or use the in-built HireWire application form.