HireWire streamlines the entire recruitment process for universities.

TES Rewards

We are rewarding our loyal advertisers with free upgrades on adverts with TES.

All you need to do is place your advert using HireWire and you will automatically begin accruing points. For every £100 spent you will receive 6 points.

You can choose to redeem your points at any time to get free gold, silver or colour upgrades on future advertising.

What upgrades could you get?
  • Gold online upgrade - gives you 8 times the exposure to candidates as a bronze
  • Silver online upgrade - gives you twice the exposure to candidates as a bronze
  • Colour upgrade - make your ad stand out on the page and get a better response rate

Set up your HireWire account today!

Existing HireWire customers are automatically entered onto the scheme. Sign in to your account to see your points statement.

Step 1
Login to your HireWire account

Step 2
Set up your vacancy and send to TES

Step 3
Your account will automatically be credited with loyalty points which you can redeem on future advertising with TES

Step 4
Use your points to get upgrades on future advertising