Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College

Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College

THERE’S really never been a better time to join Cranbourne Business and Enterprise College (CBEC) as the educational experience on offer goes from strength to strength. The college’s specialist business and enterprise status means that, at CBEC, lessons are taught in ways intended to foster students’ entrepreneurial spirit and encourage teamwork.

This focus has recently benefited from significant investment in the college’s ICT provision and, complemented by the refurbishment and redecoration of much of the school site in recent years, the result is an environment where students thrive and of which they are justifiably proud. Add to this the best CVA (contextual value added – a measure of the progress made by pupils during their secondary education) of any school in the borough and CBEC can legitimately claim to be helping its students realise their potential. This is a claim that is further reinforced by this year’s GCSE results –the best ever achieved at the college – with 89% of students achieving five or more A*-C grades  and place the college within the top 25% of schools nationally.

In February 2012, Ofsted rated the college as "Good" across all categories and recognised that the “improvement in students’ achievement is a result of better teaching and a more individualised and appropriate curriculum”. In addition to the flexible and varied curriculum on offer at CBEC, students also have access to a broad range of extra-curricular activities, including music, art, sport,  drama, excursions and foreign exchanges, all of which aim to engage pupils still further and motivate them to take responsibility for their own learning and continuously add to their skills and knowledge. Student input is actively encouraged in all aspects of college life and, as such, student council representatives not only provide their peers with a voice, but also participate in the decision-making process, represent the college at important functions and make significant contributions to the work of the college. Ofsted’s observations that CBEC students “are polite, articulate and socialise well together” make their contributions all the more valuable, and because they feel that their thoughts and opinions matter and are taken seriously, this further encourages their development into confident, capable and responsible young people.

Betty Elkins, headteacher at CBEC, says: “Our college is one of those rare places where academic excellence and an expectation of the highest standards, in everything we do, co-exist with our caring and supportive ethos.”

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