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At King’s College London we are updating our recruitment service.

Up until 7 August 2018

Vacancies at King’s that opened before 7 August will continue to be displayed on HireWire until the deadlines for applications have closed.

If you are applying for a vacancy that opened before 7 August 2018 please continue your application through HireWire. The process will continue as normal and you do not need to change anything.

After 7 August 2018

New vacancies that open after 7 August will not be displayed on this site. If you would like to search for vacancies at King’s after 7 August, please visit our new recruitment website at


Please note: In compliance with the requirements of the new General Data Protection Regulations, all individuals who have registered and opened accounts with HireWire will have their personal details deleted from this site after the last advertised vacancies have closed.


About King's 

King's College London is one of England's oldest and most prestigious universities, a multi-faculty research-led institution based in the heart of London, and one of the world's top 25 universities. King's has over 27,600 students (including nearly 10,500 postgraduates) from some 150 countries and over 7,000 employees. King's provides an intellectually rigorous environment in which to work.

King’s is committed to providing a stretching and outstanding experience that harnesses the talent within our diverse community of students, staff and alumni and ensures our graduates fulfil their full potential.  We aim to achieve this by building a network for life through an explicit golden thread of engagement which connects potential applicants, current students and alumni to King’s.  This means that we expect all King’s staff to care and be cared for, to empower and be empowered and to be proud to be held to account for their part in achieving our shared vision.  King’s recognises that our students deserve the best experience and we take personal and collective responsibility for improving the experience of our students as a core institutional value.   We are committed to equipping our students to influence their experience and take advantage of all that King’s as a global London university has to offer them.


In the course of your work you may have access to personal or confidential information which must not be disclosed or made available to any other person unless in the performance of your duties or with specific permission from your Dean of Faculty/ Division /Department. (In particular if your work involves the handling of clinical samples and/or patient data, NHS policies for the maintenance of security and confidentiality of NHS systems and data must be observed). Breaches in confidentiality may lead to disciplinary action.

Diversity and inclusion 

We would be grateful if all candidates would complete the equal opportunities monitoring information. This helps us develop policies and action plans for promoting and celebrating diversity and inclusion at King's. Thank you.



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